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For Jews with eating disorders, new traditions aim to make Yom Kippur a safer experience


(JTA) — Shonna Levin is an Orthodox Jew, but she won’t be spending Yom Kippur in a synagogue.

The Brooklyn activist had planned to set up camp in Prospect Park, where she was going to host an...


Prayer written for Yom Kippur asks for ‘Forgiveness’

Forgiveness, written by Aaron Samuels and produced by Reboot in partnership with Hillel International, explores the transitional spiritual space that we enter on Kol Nidre when we move from Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur as part of a larger transition...


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Annette Smason, music maven of Smith’s Records, succumbs in Dallas

ANNETTE SMITH SMASON, the music maven of Smith’s Records, who helped transform a small card and gift shop into one of the best-stocked and highly-regarded record stores in the nation, passed away on Sunday, September 19 in a Dallas hospice...

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OP-ED: The Agudah and Reform Judaism join forces


– We have witnessed a remarkable development as a result of the publication of an article by Rabbi Meir Soloveitchik in Commentary titled “The Real Truth About the Temple Mount,” which suggested that “the government of Israel...

Today in Israeli History - September 20th

Actress Haya Harareet Is Born

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