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Jewish COVID-19 second wave updates: Orthodox radio host calls Jewish NYC health official a ‘Jew Hater’

NEW YORK (JTA) – After an initial first wave that devastated New York City’s Orthodox Jewish communities, the coronavirus is on the rise again. Meanwhile, Israelis are back under lockdown after new infections there reached crisis levels.

As we did this spring, we’re tracking the news flowing in from across Jewish communities here. And as always, we want to hear from you. Have questions, tips or insights about how your...

A Google search for ‘Jewish baby strollers’ yields anti-Semitic images. An extremist campaign may be to blame.


(JTA) — The Google results are shocking: Do an image search for “Jewish baby strollers” and you’ll see row upon row of portable ovens — an offensive allusion to the Holocaust.

Google says it’s looking into the search results and wants to improve them. But according to researchers, the results may not be an accident. It’s possible that they’re the result of a coordinated extremist campaign on...

CCJN nominated as finalist for Press Club of N.O. Awards

The Crescent City Jewish News was nominated as a finalist in three categories today when the Press Club of New Orleans announced the preliminary results from the judging of its annual Excellence in Journalism Awards.

The CCJN was announced a finalist for the Best Website category, while editor Alan Smason was selected as a finalist for Best Editorial, a category he won last year and for which he also received...

Ruth Bader Ginsburg gave one of her lace collars to a museum in Tel Aviv

(JTA) — One of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s signature white lace jabot collars will go on display at the Museum of the Jewish People in Tel Aviv.

The collar and a signed copy of the late Supreme Court justice’s autobiography, both personally donated to the museum by Ginsburg, will be part of the new core exhibition set to open in December.

Ginsburg is also part of the museum’s exhibit on “Heroes...

A year after the Halle terror attack, Jews who were there are still looking for answers


BERLIN (JTA) — The protective locked door had kept out the shooter.

One year ago, that was the bright spot in the aftermath of the attempted synagogue shooting on Yom Kippur in Halle, a sleepy city of 240,000 located about 100 miles southwest of Berlin. 

It was the most frightening terrorist attack targeting Jews on German soil in recent memory, and many saw it as symbolic of...

Boston’s 118-year-old Jewish Advocate ceases publication

 (JTA) — The Jewish Advocate, a 118-year-old newspaper in Boston founded by Theodor Herzl, is the latest victim of the coronavirus crisis.

The weekly announced Wednesday that it will suspend publication.

“The decline of advertising revenue and now in the current pandemic its virtual disappearance, has not been sufficiently offset by contributions and organizational support, and The Jewish Advocate has been left with no alternative but to suspend publication,” the...

Oscar Tolmas L’Dor V’Dor Award presentation tonight at 6

The public is invited to register and witness the third annual Oscar Tolmas L’Dor V’Dor Award presentation this evening via a Zoom webinar broadcast.

The reception will focus on the presentation of the annual award chosen to honor a community volunteer who has significantly impacted the New Orleans Jewish community. The 2020 award is being presented to former Jewish News editor and Limmudfest New Orleans founder Gail Chalew by Oscar...

Is Saudi Arabia about to go nuclear with China’s help?


– The recent normalization deals between Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain have fundamentally shifted the region’s alliances. Both Gulf countries maintain close ties with Saudi Arabia, and speculation abounds as to whether or not the Saudis will be the next country to formalize ties with the Jewish state.

While Israel may be on the verge of cementing a close alliance with major Sunni...

Hearing in trial of Hyper Cacher store killings set for Yom Kippur, and court won’t change the date

(JTA) — A hearing in the trial of alleged accomplices in the 2015 Hyper Cacher kosher store attack in Paris that left four people dead was set for Yom Kippur.

Lawyers for the families of victims have asked for a postponement for the Sept. 28 hearing, i24 News reported Tuesday. On the Day of Atonement, the most sacred on the Jewish calendar, Jews are prevented from traveling, working, eating and...

Germany pledges extra $26 million for Jewish security


(JTA) – Germany has pledged an additional $26 million to the country’s Jewish umbrella organization this year to cover security costs as Jewish leaders fret over a rise in right-wing anti-Semitism.

The announcement comes nearly a year after a violent attack on the synagogue in Halle, on Yom Kippur, which left two passersby dead. The alleged perpetrator, who attempted to enter the synagogue with a gun but...